CM EUROPA STAMPI gained a long-standing experience in manufacturing HPDC tools in order to produce parts of any type and a wide range of size. It includes all examples of HPDC technology applied to parts typically produced for the automotive industry, truck industry, electronic devices and of course not only these.
The pictures shown hereby are just a small selection of samples produced by HPDC-tools designed and manufactured in our workshop. These parts are almost the result of the first sampling, in aluminium or magnesium alloy, with casting weight from 100g up to 30kg.

Just to mention here below some important categories present in the recent production of CM EUROPA STAMPI:

  • structural parts
  • oil pans
  • upper oil sumps
  • cylinder blocks
  • gearbox housings
  • steering housings
  • traverse members
  • collectors and coolant ducts
  • housing for industrial or civil electronic devices
  • camshaft housings
  • bearing housings
  • pumps
  • heat exchanger
  • flywheel housings
  • clutch housings
  • covers
  • brackets and supports
  • filter housings
  • bodies for hydraulic devices
  • design parts