image-officina-02► Facilities

  • production relies on 3 to 5-axis high-speed CNC milling machines, boring machines for 4-axis deep drilling and all the most common production equipment as grinding machines, drills and lathes.
  • tool-paths are generated through multiple CAM systems that permit continuous 3 and 5-axis management
  • sparkle and wire-cut EDM complete machining process to achieve precise and rapid execution.
  • tool testing under die-spotting presses.

image-officina-03► Quality in process

  • Continuously conduct of comprehensive checks and testing of all manufactured parts
  • 3D control machinery and dedicated software for electrode and 3D-Model testing.
  • initial sample approval and geometrical measurements, which are submitted to Customer for final project sign-off.
  • production control by self-checking procedures and partial validation procedures for the die

image-officina-04Timing and Job status

  • detailed Time Schedule to define all necessary activities for every job
  • displaying all required resource allocation in order to match load capacities and to achieve the Customer’s delivery date.
  • Time Schedules are steadily updated to reflect current job status and are available to Customer at request.